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At 4ContentMedia, we’ve learned from experience just how crucial content marketing is to the marketing portfolio of a successful business in today’s online environment.  We subscribe to the “do one thing, do it well” approach. In our case, that one thing is content marketing; specifically, helping you to create compelling content that serves to drive traffic to your site and promote your brand around the web.

Find out more about each of our offerings below, and feel free to avail yourself of any or all of them.

Content Creation For Your Blogsite

Top quality content in your niche written by our own US and UK staff and posted directly to your blog.

Looking to establish yourself as a trusted expert with valuable niche content, but don’t have the time or staff to create it? I can help you.

You’ll be able to eliminate the messy, time-consuming, and ultimately expensive process of publishing a piece of content through planning, creating, reviewing and posting. Instead, I’ll keep your blogsite up to date by creating relevant, valuable and industry-leading content in your niche and adding it directly to your blog. Your blog is your voice; it’s critical that it reflect well on your brand with quality posts and an engaging tone. You can either go through the time and effort to create it yourself, roll the dice and outsource it to someone who may or may not be a native English speaker, or put the job in the capable hands of our Content Media experts.

Why should you blog? Content creation is very important for your blog. According to HubSpot, blogs help businesses attract new website visitors and convert them into leads. The more you blog, the more traffic you can funnel to your website and onto your sales path.

Are you ready to bring an influx of enthusiastic visitors to your website through an informative and engaging blog? Contact me


Blog Posts for Link Building Campaign

We handle the outreach, we write the content and we secure the placement on High DA (Domain Authority) Websites to gain Search Engine Ranking.

Our content writers will write industry-specific, high-quality articles of 500+ words. These articles will be posted on sites with high Domain Authority (40+), good Trust Flow (15+) and natural traffic. They will include a brand mention and a link to your site within the flow of the content and not in the author bio boxes.

Once we receive your order, we’ll scour the web for the most effective sites for your brand, then give you the list for your approval. Next, we’ll pitch unique content ideas to these site owners and come up with an article creation plan designed to maximize your exposure across a plethora of highly-regarded sites.

According to MOZ, increasing the number of high-quality links pointing at your website can significantly increase your likelihood of ranking well on the most popular search engines.

Are you ready to boost your site ranking? Contact me


Blog posts for Brand Awareness Campaign (Blogger Outreach)

We help you stand out from the crowd and build your brand by spreading the word about your products/services through influencer bloggers.

Influencer bloggers and social media are the keys to any successful brand awareness campaign. Bloggers have the power of influence over many market segments for just about any product or service; so integrating them into your marketing strategy is a must if you’re seeking exposure for a particular product or your brand in general. Not only can they light up the blogosphere with word of your brand, but the resulting social media mentions can make your brand “go viral” in less time than you think.

However, building relationships and understanding the psychology of outreach is time-consuming and can yield poor results unless you know exactly what you’re doing. By using a blogger outreach service, you’ll be able to focus on what you’re good at, while watching your rankings and organic traffic grow with minimal effort on your part.

Are you ready to create a buzz boost for your brand? Contact me

Content Creation

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