8 digital marketing trends to fix for better output in 2018

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When it is about digital marketing we struggle a lot but still, nothing is what can be said is always the best approach. There are many things in digital marketing that work for many businesses or individuals. But the truth is; the same strategies do not work for other businesses. There are examples of many businesses with many digital marketing trends. Maybe some digital marketing trends have reached their expiry and either need to toss them off or fix them.
Obviously, these days you will be working to update your digital marketing strategies for 2018. You need to fix the digital marketing strategies, logically, which have been obsolete to get a better output in 2018. Let’s walk through the 8 digital mar

Let’s look at the underperforming digital strategies to fix them to find room for the new things to adopt in their place.

1. Drip Campaigns and its fix

There was a time when an email was drafted to send to a long list of contacts. It was not analyzed either the content is actually suitable for the contact or not. This digital marketing trend has been obsoleted since the evolution of demographics. For an example, you have drafted an email to promote a content marketing platform to an email list of about 2000 managers of different companies. As you are going to send this marketing email to the email list, which also contains purchase managers, housekeeping manager, along with Digital marketing managers. Obviously, the selection of the email contacts for this email content is wrong.

Rather than to buy the email list, always capture the leads with some useful content to the lead and then categorize the contacts with respect to age, personal and professional interests and browsing history. Once have all the information, send personalized emails, instead. By adopting the fix you will see the better output in 2018.

2. EBooks and its fix

A very quick and useful way to capture the leads was to offer a free giveaway. Most of the time this giveaway was in the shape of a Free eBook. No doubt the information found in the Free eBook was not only descriptive but practical as well. Since the usage of the internet over mobile devices has been increased this digital marketing trend has reached its expiry.

The leads are not interested to exchange their email address against the long document in PDF format. It is not about the value of free eBook, it is the medium which is mostly used to browse the internet or the research on a topic.

It is highly recommended to swipe this digital marketing trend with some interactive, short but precise, animated and/or video content and last but not the least audio content.

3. Quantity vs Quality in blogs

Content marketing is the evergreen concept to interact with the prospects in your industry. Don’t rely on the quantity of the content generated.

Let’s suppose you have written a piece of content taking some day to day problem of your prospects. Now if you keep writing about it at some fixed intervals, you are actually repeating the content in a different aspect. This digital marketing trend has been out from the market.

The fix to this digital marketing strategy is to write a more detailed blog on one topic. As the internet has been saturated with content, you need to write more detailed and researched articles on the day to day problems of your prospects. If you have addressed every pain point and has guided to resolve the matter like PRO you did a great job. The blogs with huge quantity has been obsolete and the blogs with quality are most wanted. You will see unexpected output applying the fix to this digital marketing trend.

4. Complex Lead scoring algorithm and its fix

Generating leads is one thing and calculating lead scoring another. There are many lead scoring algorithms which are equally good. But it is a complex equation within itself. No doubt, the complex lead scoring algorithm also affect internal working in digital marketing. This digital marketing trend has been expired and needs a fix to get more output in 2018.

To overcome every issue associated with the complex lead scoring algorithm, adopt a simple lead scoring system which is actually based on demographics and lead behaviour. This will help avoid too many combinations of point values. Also, eliminates assigning negative point values.

5. Marketing automation and its fix

When is about marketing automation, at least mean to automate the way your promotions and content appears to your prospects. This will lead to an extensive amount of time and require a lot of investment in parallel.

When it is about marketing automation, use it primarily for your internal marketing activities. This means you are actually helping yourself calculate more efficient metrics to measure your efforts in digital marketing. Yes, you should go with automated functionalities for the outside marketing activities too but sparingly.

6. Organic only and its fix

No doubt, the user interaction with Facebook is huge. About an estimate, the users of social media channels check their account about 17 times a day. The other fact about the social media channel, Facebook, is the organic reach is all-time low and it is declining continuously. According to a recent research, the posts published on a business page are seen by 2 to 6 percent of their fans.

It is highly recommended to go for the boost your maximum content published on Facebook. On the other hand, run a paid advertisement on Facebook for your product promotion and/or the content promotion. Doing so, you will be able to let more people to see the content. As you are designing your campaign yourself, you will have the liberty to define the audience for your paid advertisement.

7. Email marketing and its fix

It was a common practice to draft an email for the executive class of a company and then shot the mail to let every executive see the same content. As every executive is seeing an email which was designed for every company’s executive, it will least affect their decision making. This digital marketing trend as been obsolete as everyone cares about their own problem, no matter it is business or home.

Design a questionnaire for your content creation department. Always segregate companies in the appropriate category. Then design the content to address their common problems, grouped by demographics. Doing so, you will see a significant increase in open rate and CTR.

8. Text-based SEO strategy

Optimizing text on your website along with doing article marketing through guest blogging one thing in Digital marketing. By Google, it is recommended to create/generate more versatile content other than text-only content. People who are relying only on the text-based SEO have been expired.

When it is about prospect’s choice, they are more eager to see a video content, audio content as well as images from a fantastic site like yours.

What are your Digital marketing resolutions of 2018?

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