3 Ways To Improve Domain Authority Like A Pro

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For any website, it is very important to have a strong domain authority. For those who are not aware with the concept of domain authority (DA), it can be defined as algorithmic score which ranges from 0 to 100 by MOZ. This score defines how well one domain or website ranks in search engine queries. The score of domain authority is based on a few factors like loading time of the web page, website traffic, total backlinks, social signals, user experience and MOZ rank etc. So, having a good score is critical for a better domain authority. Following are a few ways with the help of which you can increase and strengthen the domain authority of your desired webpage or website.

On-Page SEO Must Be Fixed

Neil Patel shares his knowledge about taking domain authority higher in an article on Quick Sprout that you have to SEO seriously and for that you need to fix it to take your DA to the next level. The areas which include to be focused include the alt tags, word count, metatags structure of the url, keywords and site structure etc. Make sure you have worked on these elements to improve your website’s domain authority.

Create Content Which Is Linkable

Creating content is vital and having content which is easily linkable has its benefits. One of the most important plus points of creating linkable content is that it improves the domain authority naturally. Adding statistics, infographics and major useful resources can make your life easier. This is usually practiced by all famous content marketing professionals who are known for their exceptional marketing gimmicks.

Work On Internal Linking Strategy

Joanne Chong writes about the importance of internal linking strategy in SEO Pressor’s blog that to make domain authority better you need to devise a focused and careful internal linking strategy. This is because you don’t want your reader or visitor to return from your page; in fact you want them to keep finding more information about buzz words or key information which they are interested in exploring. This also uplifts the user experience and we all know that if the users have positive experience then it’s the best thing for the website.

Keeping all these information in mind, it can be stated that the entire domain authority thing is pretty serious and businesses and individuals need to take it professionally in order to achieve desired goals and objectives. Make sure to get rid of bad links and gain good links. Keep exploring and you will be taking your website’s authority to next level quite soon, just be patient.

You can find more about what domain authority means for bloggers here. Also, to measure the DA for your site, you can check MOZ site. Add your site URL in the Search box and click on Search button. Beside DA, you can find other useful information as total links of your site, page authority, Spam score, title and URL of linking page, etc…

If you know more about Domain Authority and how it can be improved, please share it. Thank you!

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