Social Media for B2B Marketing

Social Media for B2B Marketing – How is it Better Than Other Channels?

Social Media for B2B Marketing As per recent reports, social media marketing may be the only guard for business-to-consumer marketers (B2C). But according to another research about B2B (business to business) social media marketing, it has been revealed that social media would not only benefit B2B marketers, but also be their most competent channel among[…]

Paid Ads vs Organic Search

Paid Ads VS Organic Search: Which One Tends To Attract Reader’s Eyes

Paid Ads VS Organic Search The debate taking “Paid Ads VS organic search: which one tends to attract readers eyes” has always been a dilemma for marketers and businesses. Though, the prime goal of both the mediums is to get more traffic and sales in return to the investment. Taking the debate, businesses and marketers[…]

Content Marketing

Numbers Don’t Lie. Here’s Proof Businesses Need Content Marketing – Infographic

Content Marketing – Infographic When you’re looking for something online, what’s the first thing you do? Research. It’s an important aspect of purchasing anything from an online market and I’m sure you’ll agree. If you think you’re probably one of the few who conduct a research before purchasing anything, think again. Approximately 81% of shoppers[…]

Online Ads

What makes online ads intrusive to 91% browsers? What is the alternate?

To expand online reach, every business allocates budgets for online marketing. To get a quick and high level of visibility online most of these businesses and marketers think that online ads can give a good return on marketing investment. The fact of the matter is opposite to their expectations. I personally don’t allow ads to[…]

content media

Finding Out The Best Types Of Content That Perform Best On Social Media!

Content That Perform Best On Social Media In this modern time where people live up a fast and furious life, a good timing is a real key to success. For example, if you have scheduled an urgent business meeting with your subordinates in the early morning, but the meeting attendees are not actually morning people,[…]

Content Marketing for your business

Is Content Marketing Beneficial For Your Business?

Is content king? ‘Content is king’, this phrase has grabbed millions of eyeballs as in few years; it created a great buzz in the online world. Although a number of people have shown their disapproval on this phrase, yet the ultimate point that came out is, content marketing is a little different than any other[…]

companies who blog generate business leads

How to generate 126% more business leads with blogging being small business?

Every business in particular and small businesses specifically need to reach to their prospects to generate more business leads. There are many good ways to achieve it but the most effective and proved one is through blogging. According to a research, small businesses generated 126% more business leads through blogging. This has been proved that[…]

why you should outsource your content creation to an expert

Top Reasons To Outsource Your Content Creation Requirement!

Outsource Your Content Creation Content creation is not an easy job. Many CMOs have already understood the value of a quality content for their business and to get a good quality, they don’t mind outsourcing their content requirements to content creation companies. This way, you can get content that would easily engage with your target[…]

Business Ranks

Are You Disappointed With Where Your Business Ranks?

Today, if you are not at the top of Google search like you do not exist! Is that your case? If so, surely you’ve wondered what is wrong? But, did you really perceive how much you invest in your online business? No pain – no game. You know that. Therefore, what can you do to[…]